You are losing revenue because you're not available

Not having the right system in place to take care when you're offline is crippling for your business.
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Start your own Yoga Platform in less than 7 days

Having your own Yoga Platform is the best investment you can do in 2023. No fees. Complete control of features and benefits. Complete control of your user's data. Simple, complete control over everything.
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Picture this scenario:

Your morning without Yoga by Staxy: You just woke up. You’re rolling on the side to check the time on your phone. It’s 08:12am. You received 2 missed calls, 3 new emails, 4 Instagram likes during your sleep. Emails take time to reply back – Calls you gotta wake up properly to call back.

Your morning with Yoga by Staxy: You just woke up. You’re rolling on the side to check the time on your phone. It’s 08:12am. You’ve received $212,00 additional balance into your account. You have 5 sessions scheduled at 1 pm in your Yoga studio for Hatha Yoga. Yes, you also received those 4 Instagram likes.

Majority of appointments happen between 9 PM – 2 AM. When you decide to not use your phone for 1 day, you’re actively accepting the loss of revenue. I wound a way to allow you to have your free time while not losing that potential revenue. That’s why I built Yoga by Staxy.

Life isn’t guaranteed, therefore I stand behind the fact that if you want something to happen it will happen. With our communal work I am positive that we can meet your goals. I can build you a rocket, and that rocket needs a fuel ( purpose fueled by you ) to reach it’s destination.

My goal is for you to eliminate all expenses except ones which are required. No need for 10 different ai powered tools when you can have your own, save money on those subscriptions by having your own platform whose only goal is to help you and your business alone.

You own your user’s data. You own your features. You own all transactions 100% which come through the platform. In joint discussion we can extend the platform towards your future desires and ideas. I also have my own profitable plan for your growth through time.

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You're wondering about the price...

We're transparent when it comes to pricing. Below price is the price for the starter package, everything you need to launch your business in under 7 days.
Yogi Starter


£1.099,00 Setup Fee
Claim Yoga platform on a dedicated instance with your own security, resources, emails, system with enhanced abilities and so much more.
  • Appointment System
  • Form System
  • E-Commerce System
  • Domain included
  • WAF & Enhanced security included
  • Truly dedicated hosting included
  • Email support
  • Staxy Ultimate Experience
  • Cookies GDPR Compliance
  • Development Environment ( Optional £35/mo )
Reserve Pilot Program Seat
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When I say complete system, I mean complete system. Just some features:

  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Booking time limits
  • Employee & Customer Portal
  • Full financial details of the payment
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Step by step booking wizard
  • Insightful dashboard and reporting
  • + 10 more features

Appointments and Events share majority of the features, and each have their own designated features.

  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Custom pricing of events
  • Import customers data
  • Recurring events
  • Tickets for events
  • Deposit payment
  • + 10 more features

Allow customers to conveniently complete transactions through a personalized and secure payment link sent via email or within their customer panel.

Simplify the refund process by automatically initiating and processing refunds for customers, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Check all transactions done through your new appointment solution for all employees. Export as csv and send it to your accountant, no fuss, just a few clicks.

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Why Staxy?

0% Fees

The only fees you'll ever see are setup fee and monthly fee. Whether you make 1000 orders a day or 1 a year, Staxy takes no part of it's profit.


In a click get all your finances exported. This will help you with your accounting fees.

International, say hi

You can limit your shop to only specific countries or make it global. Your call, our pleasure.

Ultimate Security

Dedicated resources, IP, firewall and malware defense measures. Fast CGI, object cache, daily backup, email and so much more.

Support? Yeap!

I offer WhatsApp support alongside email. My personal number, no fuss, just message or call.

E-Commerce Ready

Every platform needs to be ready for a heavy weight drop shipping so I made sure you're good on that part.

Secured Transactions

Our system protects all your transactions with enhanced encryption.


On demand features. No restrictions. No hidden fees.

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Rated Great

Agencies say pretty words about us

Dave Dierden
Stefan did an amazing job of helping us…
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Stefan did an amazing job of helping us create a WordPress plugin for one of our clients. He was very quick and got it done within a couple of hours while also delivering a result exceeding our expectations. Would definitely recommend working with!
Cinzia Verzeletti
Best partner to bring your website's goals to fruition.
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Stefan has created our website and brought to life our vision. He provides timely and relevant updates and is always going above and beyond to support our online presence. Stefan understood the design brief immediately and provide support swiftly for any and all needs, including useful manuals for managing the website even if one has basic website editing skills. Stefan is incredibly kind and a joy to work with. A true gem.
Andjelko Stankovic
Good Example
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Stefan has completed all his tasks in a timely manner and has provided efficient and effective suggestions. I will continue to work with him in the future. He offered valuable project ideas that we have adopted and thoroughly explained his thought process and actions. He even went the extra mile by offering to show me exactly what he did in the code.
Karthik Nandula
Talented, fun and educational
Read More
Working with Stefan was incredible. I worked as a front end developer on a project which Stefan joined, and almost immediately, he chipped in to help where required. He's technically sound especially with front end and I am fortunate that I got to learn a few things from him! He's also a very friendly and inspirational guy, so working with him was enjoyable!
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Best chance was yesterday, second best is today. If you wish to miss to claim the platform while in Pilot Program ( 40% off ), do not click button below.
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Ask Me Anything

Absolutely. Each referral you direct to Staxy will get you up to $500,00 payout

Sounds impossible? I am aware, yet, I believe that good people know good people and good business is always appreciated.

Absolutely. 100% money back within first 24 hours. After eligible up to 55% due to operating costs already begun.

Absolutely. I am aware that each business has specific needs. Yoga platform can be extended in numerous directions and I’m 100% positive one of them is your direction. Let’s work together.